Gym Cleaning Service in Mississauga

The SKYREX gym cleaning solution in Mississauga is unmatched in Canada when it comes to gym cleaning services, and the main draw is that we genuinely enjoy what we do. In fact, we go to great lengths to make sure every step of our cleaning procedure is on point.

Members are more likely to smile and work out for longer in a clean, well-maintained gym. So allow us to handle the tiresome cleaning while still giving you a spotless environment.

The importance of maintaining your gym’s cleanliness to the highest standards is something we at SKYREX are well aware of. The internal staff at your gym is just as concerned with cleanliness as your gym’s customers are. Because we care about them, we work hard to give them the satisfying experience they deserve.

Best Way to Clean Rubber Gym Floor

We at SKYREX think that the most important piece of equipment for any facility to get right is the gym flooring. To make sure your floor is properly cleaned, we follow numerous steps and use high-tech machines for spotless cleaning. 

How to clean gym rubber mats? 

Let’s see one of the most effective ways to clean gym rubber mats.

Sweep the Floor 

Start by sweeping up any dust and debris that may have accumulated in the rubber floor mats. 

Spot Cleaning Rubber Flooring

Prior to undertaking a thorough cleaning of the entire floor, attend to any obvious areas that require additional care. Set-in stains can typically be eliminated by vigorously scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush.

You might have bothersome gum that is stuck on that needs to be delicately scraped off if you own a commercial gym. Steer clear of metal scrapers because they can damage surfaces.

Mop the Floor

You must get the mop out when it’s time for a thorough cleaning. For this, we suggest using a nylon, microfiber, or sponge mop. Avoid over-soaking the floor when mopping, especially if it is made of rubber tiles with numerous seams where moisture may seep through.

Let the Floor Dry

It is preferable to let rubber flooring air dry after mopping rather than wiping it down with a cloth or towel. The finish is guaranteed to be streak-free. Immediately after mopping, you can shorten the drying time by using a wet vacuum to remove any remaining water. The remaining moisture can then be drawn out by air drying.

Why Choose SKYREX Gym Cleaning Service?

SKYREX Cleaning Service in Mississauga is aware of your high expectations for how your gym should look. Because of this, SKYREX’s cleaning program is used by gyms all over Canada. With regard to walls, fixtures, flooring, rubber mats, and equipment, our trained and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your gym always sparkles. We use eco-friendly chemicals and suitable cleaning equipment to guarantee a spotless gym.

Our purpose

We want to support you in giving your members a pleasurable experience so they will stay in the gym longer. Most people cancel their gym memberships because of poor hygiene. That won’t happen to you, we promise.

GYM Cleaning Checklist:

Welcoming Entrances
  • Clean the floor mats, and take out any trip hazards.
  • Window and door cleaning, door shine, and fixture polish
Clean Equipment
  • Clean and sanitize all equipment contact points.
Fresh Gym Mats
  • Cleaning up practice areas
  • Exchange mats after each use
  • Disinfect mats
Well Kept Floors
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors
Sanitary Locker Rooms
  • Empty trash
  • Clear floors of debris
  • Polish windows and mirrors
  • Sanitize benches, locker doors, and contact points
  • Clean shower walls, curtains, doors, and fixtures
  • Inspect for mold
  • Seal grout
Disinfected Bathroom
  • Empty trash and fill dispenser
  • Polish fixtures

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