When it comes to cleaning auto dealerships, the SKYREX dealership cleaning service is unrivaled in Mississauga, and the main attraction is that we actually appreciate what we’re doing. As a matter of fact, we take great care to help ensure every part of our cleaning process is fantastic.

 A nice, tidy dealership automatically increases marketing productivity while also keeping both customers and employees pleased. Therefore, let us take care of the tedious cleaning while providing you with a flawless showroom for your company or organization.

Give the stress of cleaning to SKYREX Cleaning Services, and they’ll give you and your clients highly-regarded dealerships that are best suited for everyday business. Customers are left with a profound impact by neat showrooms, lobbies, or other commercial spaces!

Why Choose SKYREX Cleaning Dealership Service

We at SKYREX Cleaning Service are aware of your high expectations for the appearance of your showroom, restrooms, offices, and garage. That is why SKYREX is trusted by auto dealerships all over Mississauga with its cleaning program.

Our qualified and experienced staff will make sure that your showroom always sparkles, from wall surfaces, fixtures, and resilient floor coverings to flooring, carpets, and furniture.

SKYREX professionals have in-depth knowledge, superior cleaning techniques, suitable cleaning equipment, and 100% eco-friendly cleaning chemicals.

As customers look to buy their next vehicle, car dealerships experience heavy traffic, so to keep your showroom looking sharp, high traffic requires thorough cleaning. You need a cleaning service for your auto dealership if you want to attract new customers. Also,

  • We provide the top service you require;
  • We offer the most reasonable price services;
  • There is no hidden charges;
  • We deliver prompt and efficient service.

Our Motive

We want to help you provide a pleasant experience for your customers so that they will come back each time they need a new car.

At SKYREX Dealership Commercial Cleaning Service in Mississauga, we recognize the importance of giving customers a good experience and making them feel valued. After talking with each of our customers about their wants and needs, we create a personalized service plan just for them.

Dealership Cleaning Checklist:

  • Internal and exterior windows cleaned without streaks;
  • Perfectly cleanup after a special event;
  • Restrooms, retail floors, and showrooms;
  • Offices and cubicles, with particular focus on the hardware and knobs;
  • Carpet and furniture cleaning;
  • We properly clean and restock the restrooms;
  • Extensive cleaning of shelves’ displayed items;
  • Cleaning the floors of body shops and drop-off locations for services
  • Sanitizing phones and exposed surfaces while cleaning the office and cubicles;
  • All necessary toiletries are provided;
  • The parts and service department’s cleaning and removal of dangerous chemicals;
  • Services for recycling old pens, paper, and parts of cars;
  • Cleaning the parking lot we use the best-quality power washer

Dealership Commercial Cleaning

The cleaning and automotive industries are alike in numerous ways because they both make decisions based on giving their customers a positive first experience while being aware that they are going to represent the brand of their products or services. 

For the cleaning, it all starts with the excellent reputation of our franchise owners, who promise that remarkable level of client customer experience.

We feel proud to say that our franchise owners take great pride in the name “SKYREX Cleaning Service,” just as your dealership does with the auto brands it sells and services. Our staff is made up of experts with in-depth training and knowledge in all areas of dealership cleaning.

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We believe positive first impressions encourage a positive work environment and a positive experience for all guests who enter your doors.

To request an automobile dealership cleaning service proposal in Mississauga, please feel free to contact us right away by calling, sending an email, or completing this brief form.

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