Moss removal and roof cleaning service

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Moss removal and roof cleaning service


Keeping your house clean and organized is something most people do diligently. However, they often forget about one thing-roof cleaning. Without the roof, your house would be as good as useless, yet few people understand the need for getting their roof cleaned.

As a modern homeowner, it is very embarrassing if moss grows roof of our house because of our lack of concentration or laziness.  Unwanted green moss growth on your roof, patio, porches, driveways, and walls is not only the cause of an eyesore but badly damages the exterior surfaces of the home.

Moss can badly damage the exterior surfaces of our beautiful home. On the other hand, we might need to pay extra money to the technician because of expensive damage caused by stubborn moss. While you might decide to ignore both of these annoyances, it would be prudent to get your roof cleaned with the help of a moss and roof cleaning service.  

What is Moss, and Where Does It Grow?

To make your confusion clear, let me tell you, moss is a velvety, green plant that does not have flowers, roots, or stems. Moss mainly attaches to surfaces and absorbs water, and it prefers to grow in humid and shaded areas that provide a moist environment for it to survive.

As we know, moss love to grow more in cold weather, therefore, Canada is an appropriate country due to its chilly temperature, and Canadians face issues like mosses growing on their house roofs.  

Is Growing Moss on Your Roof Cause Any Damage?

If you see moss growing on your rooftop, you need to be alert because these stubborn mosses can cause major damage.

  1. It can destroy your roof’s shingles and tiles.
  2. Force the shingles to lift away from the rooftop of your home, it can cause water damage, rotting, and shingles will lose their protective granules, and you need to do some pretty expensive repairs.
  3. Besides, roof moss can wreak ruin on other areas of your home as well. There are many more side effects you can notice.

Why Do You Need a Moss and Roof Cleaning Service?

After looking into your house roof and noticing any moss, streaks, and discoloration, it means moss removal from the roof needs to be done as soon as possible. As mentioned above, how moss can damage your roof, and do not want to take any risk, go for a moss removal cleaning service. It can save your time, energy and can give a professional treatment.

Why Consider SKYREX Property?

Are you looking for trustworthy and professional moss removal and roof cleaning service for a long time? SKYREXproperty Service is an expert in commercial and residential moss and roof cleaning service for a long time. Our professional team can handle any large or small portion of the property. 

You can take service from us because we are trained with presentable moss removal, lawn removal, and roof cleaning technicians and receptionists who are always available to our clients for fast response in any inquiries. 

We use top-quality and eco-friendly chemicals and the best professional-level types of equipment for moss removal and roof cleaning. 

I can assure you that SKYREX property Service would be your perfect choice. We can give 100% highest quality in professionalism, quality, and clients satisfaction guarantee!

We are Offering

From the beginning of our company, and all team members doing an excellent job to give our best customer service to meet the needs of your home without getting any negative reviews. 

  • Roof De-mossing
  • Moss Control
  • Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Exterior House Cleaning

When Should I Remove Moss/Black Algae from My Roof?

There’s no point in waiting to see how much the moss will grow on your roof. Be prepared to clean it off as soon as you notice even one clump of moss on any part of your roof. Don’t delay roof cleaning for the moss to get so bad that it causes long-term structural damage.

Aside from these factors, there’s the aesthetic appeal to think about. You don’t want your otherwise clean and pristine house to look shabby just because you couldn’t be bothered to clean diligently, right?

What Is the Perfect Way to Clean a Roof?

According to the ARMA, using a 1:1 bleach and water solution is the best way to clean your roof. Should you pressure wash your roof? Not really. You might be thinking about using pressure wash to clean your roof if it’s especially grimy, but that’s advised against it.

There really is no alternative to regularly checking your roof for grime and damage. Once you find algae or moss, you can either try roof cleaning by yourself or hire a professional service.

How Will We Clean Your Roof?

Depending on what your roof needs, we offer pressure washing as well as soft wash roof cleaning services.

SKYREX Property Services roof cleaning process uses safe and effective chemicals and tools, and we use appropriate methods for the extent of damage your roof has gone through.

The main difference between us and other roof cleaning services is that we don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We assess what your roof needs and provide a cleaning service accordingly.

Sometimes a roof is minimally affected by moss and algae, so it can be cleaned within a short time and with little fuss. In cases like these, our experts tend to use a bleach and water solution on the roof tiles. After letting it sit for a while, it is washed off and your roof ends up looking spotless. In some cases, a soft wash method is enough.

Our experts might use more effective chemicals and even pressure washing. But they will only use it when absolutely needed.

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