Office Cleaning

Our residential disinfectant cleaning is a proven and certified disinfection cleaning method to combat bacteria and viruses including […]

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Store Cleaning

For your home, workplace, or store, cleaning is unquestionably necessary. When, an area has been meticulously cleaned and is also clean and […]

Dealership Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning auto dealerships, the SKYREX dealership cleaning service is unrivaled in Canada […]

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Disinfectant Cleaning

If you think about hygiene, health, and dependability, no one can beat SKYREX’s commercial disinfectant cleaning service in Canada. […]

Gym Cleaning

The SKYREX gym cleaning solution is unmatched in Canada when it comes to gym cleaning services, and the main draw is. […]

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Clinic/ Urgent Care Cleaning

Undoubtedly, top healthcare organizations from Canada’s public and private sectors prefer to work together with SKYREX Cleaning […]

School Cleaning

Are you a school administrator seeking a company that can provide you with the most pleasing school cleaning services in Canada? […]


Graffiti Removal

Graffiti demolition is a dilemma that is also widely considered a massive problem caused by the young generation, and it is increasing day by day. […]

Tile & Floor Cleaning

A dirty tile and floor is not only an eyesore for us but also enough to make you sick. Imagine a visitor entering your home for the first time […]

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Deep Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet is something that many people find bothersome. Sometimes even if you love your carpet it can be hard. […]