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move out cleaning service

Don’t let move out cleaning service dim the excitement of your new chapter. Check your lease agreement for specific requirements to book your move-out cleaning.

Moving is exciting, but let’s be honest, cleaning your old place before you go can be a real drag. Between packing boxes, goodbyes, and the whirlwind of logistics, who has time to scrub floors and polish fixtures? Fear not, fellow Canadian movers! SKYREX Property Services is here to ensure your departure sparkles, not sizzles, with our top-notch move-out cleaning services across Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brampton, Milton, Guelph, and beyond.


Why Move Out Cleaning Service Matters:


Moving out isn’t just about handing over keys. It’s about securing that coveted security deposit refund and leaving a positive impression on your landlord or future homeowners. A thorough move-out clean goes beyond the surface dirt, tackling hidden grime and ensuring sparkling sanitation, all while adhering to specific lease agreements or pre-sale inspection requirements.


Move-Out Cleaning Service Checklist:


By following this checklist, you can ensure your move-out cleaning service leaves your old place sparkling and ready for its next chapter!




✔️Deep clean ovens, stovetops, and range hoods.

✔️Scrub refrigerators and dishwashers, including shelves and drawers.

✔️Wipe down cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, and appliances.

✔️Don’t forget the sink, disposal (if present), and faucet.

✔️Mop floors and baseboards.




✔️Tackle tub, shower, and toilet with disinfectant cleaner.

✔️Polish mirrors, chrome fixtures, and cabinet hardware.

✔️Wash windows and wipe down windowsills.

✔️Mop floors and baseboards.


Bedrooms and Living Areas:


✔️Dust furniture, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

✔️Vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly.

✔️Clean hardwood floors with appropriate cleaner.

✔️Wipe down walls, doors, and windowsills.

✔️Empty and clean closets and drawers.




✔️Empty and clean all trash cans and recycling bins.

✔️Remove cobwebs and dust corners, ceilings, and baseboards throughout the house.

✔️Clean windows and sliding glass doors (interior and exterior if accessible).

✔️Sweep or mop porches, balconies, and patios (weather permitting).

✔️Leave all appliances clean and in working order (as per lease agreement).


Bonus Tips:


➕For a fresh scent, leave open windows to air out the space after cleaning.

➕Check your lease agreement for specific cleaning requirements or expectations.

➕Feel free to personalize this checklist based on your specific needs and the size of your space.

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SKYREX to the Rescue: Your Move Out Cleaning Service Experts:


At SKYREX, we understand the unique demands of Canadian move-outs. We’re trained professionals, meticulously vetted and insured, equipped with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and a passion for making your transition stress-free. We tailor our services to your specific needs and the size of your dwelling, whether it’s a cozy studio in Brampton or a spacious bungalow in Guelph.


The SKYREX Move Out Cleaning Service Process:

move out cleaning service checklist

By following the checklist we crafted a unique cleaning process  

  • Deep Kitchen Clean: Ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, dishwashers – we conquer grease and grime, leaving them gleaming.
  • Bathroom Brilliance: We tackle tubs, showers, toilets, and mirrors, restoring sparkling sanitation.
  • Flooring Finesse: Carpets get steam-cleaned or shampooed, while hard floors are mopped and buffed to a dazzling shine.
  • Window Wizardry: We vanquish dust, streaks, and cobwebs, letting natural light flood in.
  • Baseboard Blitz: We dust and wipe down all baseboards, corners, and crevices, ensuring no detail is missed.
  • Final Touches: We empty and clean trash cans, remove cobwebs, and leave your space smelling fresh and inviting.


Specialized Services for Your Needs:


SKYREX recognizes that every move is unique. We offer additional services to cater to your specific requirements:


Deep appliance cleaning: For ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators that need extra TLC.

Garage and shed cleaning: Declutter and organize those often-neglected spaces.

Post-construction cleaning: Leave your new home spotless after renovations or repairs.

Window cleaning: Let the sunshine in with sparkling, streak-free windows.


Why Choose SKYREX? Here’s what you can expect:


We’re more than just a cleaning crew; we’re your stress-busting move-out partners. Here’s why you can relax and let us handle the dirty work:


✅Deep cleaning from top to bottom 

✅Stress-free scheduling

✅Eco-Friendly Practices 

✅Guaranteed satisfaction 

✅Competitive Rates

✅Trusted Reputation

✅Help you get your security deposit back 

✅Make your old place more appealing to buyers 

✅Give you a fresh start in your new place


Ready to book your move-out cleaning? 


Many reputable companies offer online booking and free quotes. Do your research, compare prices, and choose the service that best fits your needs and budget.

With a little help from a move-out cleaning service, you can say goodbye to your old place in style and focus on creating new memories in your new home!

Don’t forget to check out our blog and social media pages for more helpful tips and insights on all things move-out cleaning!




How much does move-out cleaning cost? 

Pricing depends on the size of your space and the services you choose. We offer transparent quotes with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Get a free quote now!


Do I need to be present during the cleaning? 

Absolutely not! Relax and focus on packing or celebrating your new adventure. We’ll work our magic while you’re away.


Do you offer online booking? 

Yes! Booking your move-out cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3. Just choose your location, select your desired services, and book your preferred date and time – all online!


What cleaning products do you use? 

We prioritize your health and the environment, using safe, effective, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.


Can you accommodate specific cleaning requests? 

Absolutely! We’re happy to tailor our services to your needs, whether it’s deep cleaning specific areas or tackling additional tasks like garage or window cleaning. Just let us know!


Do you clean appliances?

Yes! We offer deep cleaning for ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances, leaving them sparkling like new.


What if I’m not satisfied with the cleaning?

No worries! We stand by our work with a complete satisfaction guarantee. If anything isn’t up to your standards, we’ll come back and fix it at no extra cost.


Can I trust your cleaning team?

Our team is made up of trained professionals who are vetted, insured, and passionate about making your move-out seamless. We treat your space with respect and care like it’s our own.

don jacob George
don jacob George
As I was moving out of my condominium, i needed a good cleaning of the unit for the next owner to take over. The ladies were fabulous! My overall impression is I would recommend your service to anyone wishing to have a thorough cleaning off their home. Thank you again!
Anne Richmond
Anne Richmond
We were happy with the thorough cleaning this team provides. Just want you need for a University apartment move.
Mustafa Mahmud
Mustafa Mahmud
Heavily satisfied with products and services. Highly recommend.
Jinoop Sathyan
Jinoop Sathyan
Great service. It was just beyond my expectations.
Han Solo
Han Solo
Excellent work by the team. Very friendly, professional, and hard working. Thoroughly cleaned my house after a tenant moved out. Would definitely recommend! A+
Nima n
Nima n
Skyrex crew took just under 2 hours to clean my apartment. They were professional and detail oriented.
Aravind Krishna
Aravind Krishna
I wholeheartedly recommend this company because they consistently deliver professional and satisfying work. Their expertise is truly commendable, and I've always been impressed with the results they provide.
Zog Lee
Zog Lee
We have been very happy with SKYREX over the years, particularly with Anna, who has always been, and remains so energetic and dedicated. Highly recommend Anna and the team for any office and workplace cleaning needs.
Rushi Chaun
Rushi Chaun
Excellent work !!! Thank you for cleaning our carpet perfectly .😇