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Moss removal and roof cleaning service

Working with SKYREX, the best thing I loved about them is their time management and the work handling process. There was some leakage on my roof gutter, and they fixed it professionally. I have also used them to clean the roof. They are just awesome.

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I liked the fact that the team shows up when scheduled, and they are very thorough and ask if there is anything they can address that may have been missed. The cleaners are friendly and efficient. I have also recommended them to my family.

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They were excellent, and my roof looks spotless, and for the price, it was well worth it. They made sure we were comfortable with what they were cleaning. I will be utilizing their service again.

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As an owner of a building hearing, that you need to replace your roof is like a nightmare, and no one wants to hear that. It is not only costly but can also damage other parts of your building.

No need to worry we SKYREX has done roof cleaning service in Cambridge for several years, with proficiency with 100% clients satisfaction.

For roof cleaning, you are in the right place. We know that it is a messy, tricky, and annoying method if you want to do it yourself. It also ends up being pretty expensive. Hiring a professional who knows how to keep your roof in the best shape is vital.

Our professional roof cleaning team can do this task perfectly above your thinking.

Moss, some streaks, mold, and discoloration are one of the red signals you need to consider seriously.

The Other Services You Can Get from SKYREX are:

We can remove and treat harmful moss, mildew spores, fungus, and bacteria by using our high-tech types of equipment and environment-friendly products so they won’t create any further damages.

  • Roof De-mossing
  • Moss Control & Moss Removal
  • Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Exterior House Cleaning.

The Different Types of Roofs We Clean

In SKYREX, you can do various roof cleaning for buildings.

  • Asphalt roof,
  • Slate roof,
  • Tile roof,
  • Metal roof,
  • Clay roof,
  • Wood shake roof,
  • Cedar shingle roof,
  • Both flat roofs and pitched roofs.

With soft washing, eco-friendly chemicals, and scrubbing, we will clean every part of your house and fix any leakages of the water pipe, removing unwanted debris without causing damage to your roof.

Why Choose Our Roof Cleaning Service?

  • We can save you extra money and time.
  • Our professionals ensure, no parts of your property get damaged as they take apart.
  • After cleaning, we put the system back together as it should be and checked the place carefully.
  • After the cleaning process, we guarantee our clients there is no built-up grease, dirt, or grime, and spotless.
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Standard House Cleaning

Deep House Cleaning

Disinfection Cleaning

Move-In/ Move-Out

Post Renovation Cleaning


Office Cleaning

Store Cleaning

Dealership Cleaning

Disinfectant Cleaning

Gym Cleaning

Charles Sample
Charles Sample
I very much appreciate this service. And although I am usually completely satisfied, SKYREX should be rated a 6. Fantastic! Professional and friendly. The cleaners' work was very thorough. And is thoughtful.
Cleaner did a great job
Francois Hughes
Francois Hughes
I'm so happy with SKYREX ! We had a really bad experience with another cleaning company but SKYREX didn't disappoint. All the amazing little details like our toilet paper folded made all the difference. They even made our bed! Never going anywhere else!
David Rizzo
David Rizzo
SKYREX cleaners are fantastic. They do a great job!
Luca Simard
Luca Simard
SKYREX came in and saved the day. They were on time and fully equipped for the job. Afterwards the cleaning quality was top level. We are so completely satisfied
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Taylor
I was so pleased with their service that I have decided to give up cleaning myself all together - and bring them in every 2 weeks! I am looking forward to having them continue to come on a regular basis so that I can focus on my kid and getting through my pregnancy!
Cabel Thomas
Cabel Thomas
We hired SKYREX for the first time to do a deep cleaning and they did a fantastic job! My house has never been so clean. We are going to use them monthly. Highly recommend them.
Diane Evans
Diane Evans
We were hesitant on hiring a cleaning service as my wife and I do all the cleaning ourselves, however hiring SKYREX to do a move in clean was the best decision we made! We were so impressed that we recommended them to all of our family and friends! :)
Lawrence Perkins
Lawrence Perkins
Really happy with the service provided! They made it really easy to request a quote, and they were available to clean our office carpets on short notice. Stains that had been there from years of being a pet-friendly office, as well as regular spills and stains are nowhere to be found! Would definitely call them again :)
Derek Lowis
Derek Lowis
Rebeca and Oliver are very nice people. They pay attention to detail and do a fine job. We will do business with them again.THANKS.