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Moss removal and roof cleaning service


To give a spa to your housetop, SKYREX provides some exceptional roof cleaning service in Waterloo. We promise to make your roof look new again with our professional cleaning service. 

For some owners, their roof might be less of an aesthetic factor when it comes to keeping the home clean and sleek, but there is no way you can skip the part of cleaning it. It is the most vital part of your building because it holds the structure of your house, and many things depend on it, like water pipelines and gutters. If somehow it got damaged, you have to count a handsome amount of money for repairing the whole roof which we do not appreciate. To avoid costly damage, clean your house or office top at least twice a year. 

Get started with SKYREX roof cleaning service before you end up needing a costly roof repairing which you will regret later.

Let's have a glimpse of why roof cleaning is essential:

  • Prevent Ice Dam Formation

After snowfall or a storm, when the snow starts to melt can freeze at the edge of the roof and cause an ice dam. It progressively gets worse over time and causes some massive issues. It leads to leaks, shingles, roof damage, gutter damage. Cleaning this snow or any debris from your roof is crucial.

  • Prevent Roof Algae, Moss, and Lichens

As the roof keeps exposed 24/7, there is a big chance you will notice dirt, water, leaves, plants, and more onto the shelter at some point. Especially on the side that gets less sun off your roof, moss, lichen, and algae will build their home in your home. These enemies will decrease your roof’s lifespan and the same time, increase the chance of roof replacement.

  • Avoid Shingle Damage

Damaged roof shingle is one of the most vital reason for mold growth. You will suffer from water damage to the roof and the inside of your home, lastly, decreased energy efficiency, can lead to cracks in the top, walls, and home’s structure.

Above we highlighted some valid information about why you might need to clean your roof, so it will be wiser to hire a professional roof cleaner for your home or commercial buildings.

If you hire a professional roof cleaner like SKYREX, there are numerous benefits you will get from us. So now, if you feel you need an expert to clean your roof without damaging your property, you are in the exact place. Feel free to contact SKYREX roof cleaning service because we vow to keep your roof looking its best. Our experts are experienced in this field, with many successful projects and positive customer reviews. They avoid using any harsh chemicals and use high technology equipment for cleaning. 

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