If you are neglecting to clean your gutters, then let me remind you that it is not a serious issue but can be a costly mistake if rainwater seeps inside your home and damages your property. 

Taking care of our gutters most often is vital, and by repair, cleaning, or clearing work so you can keep your house in a perfect structure. You can do it by yourself, which we do not prefer, and you can take help from a professional gutter cleaning service provider in Milton.

Gutter Cleaning Vs Gutter Clearing

Some people mix the word gutter cleaning and clearing and think both are the same service.  Gutter cleaning means here your gutter will only clear the debris from inside it, not wiping.

  • Gutter Cleaning

The professional gutter cleaner in Milton wipes or cleans the guttering system on your house or business to remove general mess and debris.  Gutter cleaning is highly beneficial to keep them in good working order. It will maintain the lifespan of your gutters.

  • Gutter Clearing

Gutter Clearing is simply clearing the unwanted debris inside the gutters. During autumn and winter, gutters get blocked due to an excessive fall of leaves and small tree branches.  In a gutter clearing, you need to remove the trash, nothing else, and some try to do it by themselves, which is quite dangerous.

How Frequently Should I Clear My Gutters?

Unfortunately, this one is the most asked question by people. Our answer is, it will depend on which specific location you live in, weather factors, and the age of the building. If you live in a property where there are no tall trees, your gutter can go longer without any cleaning, some need a yearly gutter cleaning. If there are too many overhanging trees around your house, you will need two to five roof gutter cleaning services per year.

Above we talk about your gutter capacity of holding debris, but there are still some things that need to be cared for such as corrosive and rusting. 

Aside, full and overflowing gutters increase the risk of roof and window leaks, so it will be wiser if you check your funnel once every year.

Types of Property Damage by Gutters

  • It can cause some costly property damage.  
  • Rotting fascia boards and water damage to walls, windows, and ceilings are other major issues.
  • It can cause wall dampness and mold spores. 

Benefits of Gutters Cleaning

Let check how we will get benefited from gutter cleaning:

  • It will surely increase the lifespan of gutters because clear gutters last longer than clogged gutters. An unclean and jammed channel can store so much unwanted debris, and materials, and undoubtedly it will increase unnecessary weight.
  • A clean gutter prevents water damage, so cleaning your home or commercial gutters in Milton helps maintain the structure of the building.

It also stops nesting places for animals like rats, mice, and insects that carry viruses.

Why Choose SKYREX for Gutter Cleaning?

SKYREX property Service in Milton has everything you need to clean your gutter because we have proudly installed and maintained gutter systems for a long time.

In Milton, we are working professionally and handling gutter cleaning cases with a great reputation and experience.

In addition to gutter cleaning, we offer commercial and residential cleaning services. We have experienced gutter cleaners who are efficient and know exactly what they are doing. We do our job with care and give our clients this service at a reasonable price.

Services We Provide:

  • Interior Gutter Cleaning Service
  • Exterior Gutter Washing Service
  • Soffit and Fascia Washing Service
  • Roof Blowing for Debris Removal Service
  • Roof Cleaning Service

Product We Use to remove Gutter:

  • Industrial-strength vacuums with gutter-sized attachments 
  • Extremely heavy-duty power washers for clogs out.
  • Industrial hoes

Gutter Cleaning Process:

  • Clean Debris

First, removing all leaves, acorns, sticks, and other debris from the roof and ground is our concern. We do this very carefully because we find debris from the valleys of a roof or behind chimneys. In this process, we use extension poles or powerful air blowers to remove them.

  • Remove Heavy Trash

There is a high chance of finding heavy debris from the gutters. To remove them, we use our hands and place them into a bucket.

  • Removing Remaining Debris

Finally, we use high-powered handheld blowers and flush the gutters with a garden hose. It is for the smaller particles and makes sure everything is clear.   We sue not to stain the exterior of the channel.

  • Testing Downspout

Our skilled gutter cleaner ensures that the downspout is clear. If notice the downspout is blocked, it will first snake to clear and then flush it with a garden hose.

  • Final Checking

Our team checks every single place and cleans all debris surrounding your property. Finally leaves your gutters spotless.

Tips to Avoid Gutter Cleaning:

Below, the following three most effective and different methods will help you to avoid gutter cleaning. 

  • Firstly, you can cut all the trees down within 100 yards of your home. It will decrease the chance of cleaning your gutter.
  • Secondly, it will be wiser if you purchase a gutter guard or leaf guard system. 
  • Lastly, to avoid gutter cleaning, build your home taller than the trees.

If you follow any methods from above, some maintenance is needed every 5-7 years. It will ensure your roof gutters are properly flowing and working.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Gutters?

Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service will charge you around $50 to $700 because they will consider a few things, such as the size of your home, location, and desired method. 

If the professionals need to use pressure washing the gutters or washing the inside of the downspouts, they will charge more than regular gutter cleanings service.

Contact Us

Are you from Miltoncity in Canada? If yes, hurry up, pick your phone by dialing  SKYREX, the affordable gutter cleaning service or email us for a free quote.

Make a deal with us because we have:

  • A complete professional inspection of gutters
  • Fully insured to work on ladders
  • Extensive labor training and quality control
  • Same-day scheduling available


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don jacob George
don jacob George
As I was moving out of my condominium, i needed a good cleaning of the unit for the next owner to take over. The ladies were fabulous! My overall impression is I would recommend your service to anyone wishing to have a thorough cleaning off their home. Thank you again!
Anne Richmond
Anne Richmond
We were happy with the thorough cleaning this team provides. Just want you need for a University apartment move.
Mustafa Mahmud
Mustafa Mahmud
Heavily satisfied with products and services. Highly recommend.
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Jinoop Sathyan
Great service. It was just beyond my expectations.
Han Solo
Han Solo
Excellent work by the team. Very friendly, professional, and hard working. Thoroughly cleaned my house after a tenant moved out. Would definitely recommend! A+
Nima n
Nima n
Skyrex crew took just under 2 hours to clean my apartment. They were professional and detail oriented.
Aravind Krishna
Aravind Krishna
I wholeheartedly recommend this company because they consistently deliver professional and satisfying work. Their expertise is truly commendable, and I've always been impressed with the results they provide.
Zog Lee
Zog Lee
We have been very happy with SKYREX over the years, particularly with Anna, who has always been, and remains so energetic and dedicated. Highly recommend Anna and the team for any office and workplace cleaning needs.
Rushi Chaun
Rushi Chaun
Excellent work !!! Thank you for cleaning our carpet perfectly .😇