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Professional roof cleaning service

As a client of SKYREX, I really feel proud I choose this company for my roof cleaning service. They did a great job and professionally handle my rooftop. Very reliable company and well-mannered team.

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Before hiring them for my roof cleaning, I was a bit nervous. I live in an old house, so I need to be careful before choosing any company, but SKYREX experts leave me speechless. Thank you, SKYREX. I highly recommend them.

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Unlike other companies, SKYREX keeps its booking option quite simple. 2 months ago, I hired them for my roof cleaning. I am 100% satisfied with their work process. Highly recommend the company. Polite and experienced cleaners.

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In your whole house, the roof is the most important part you cannot miss to take care of because over time it will suffer from the effects of rain, frost, and sun. These things will slowly but surely weaken and damage the tiles of your roof. For roof cleaning service in Kitchener, the SKYREX is the best. 

You will notice moss, streaks, and discoloration, which not only look awful but also the biggest enemy of your roof. Without taking any risk, go for a professional roof cleaning service. We can save your time, energy and can give professional treatment. 

In the SKYREX roof cleaning process, the expert team uses safe and effective chemicals and tools, and we use appropriate methods for the extent of damage your roof has gone through.

Most importantly, depending on what your roof needs, our expert roof cleaners offer a professional pressure washing service as well as a soft wash.

What makes us different from others?

  • Before cleaning gets started, our cleaners carefully move plant pots and garden furniture to avoid any mess. 
  • We lay down protection cover to ensure we can keep your property clean.
  • Our cleaner disconnects all downpipes before cleaning. We do it because the downpipes do not become blocked with debris.
  • We will clean your entire roof professionally and ensure there is no moss, lichen, or algae.
  • If we find any cracked, broken, missing, or suspect tiles with your permission, we will replace them with new, matching tiles.
  • Our expertise will apply an anti-fungal treatment to protect your roof from micro roots and lichens, 
  • After taking roof cleaning service from SKYREX, your roof will not only be cleaned but completely restored and protected for many years to come.

We are an established company in Waterloo and famous for our excellent roof cleaning service for both residential and commercial buildings. Our specialist team boasts over several years of experience in the industry. We proudly provide a quality, proficient roof cleaning service at a highly competitive rate. We believe that a clean roof improves the look of your home, adds value, and make it more appealing if you want to sell it.

You can consider our roof cleaning service because:

  • We are your friendly and reliable team
  • We have an excellent work reputation in the local area. 
  • SKYREX has the highest standard of cleaning techniques.
  • Our expert team can give you a full range of building services.
  • Whatever your queries are, you can get advice from our highly skilled professionals.  
  • We have a group of experienced and fully trained building contractors. 
  • We have roofing experts, modern cleaning methods, and industrial-grade cleaning machinery. 
  • You can get both pressure wash and soft wash facilities. 


SKYREX can provide our reputed clients an industry-leading service in cleaning and repairs, with top-of-the-range roof cleaning equipment for both domestic and commercial buildings at a fair price. If your roof needs a deep clean or repair, you can trust our service because we are proven and use a highly rated process that will bring it back to life. 

Lastly, do the honor to read our customer’s valuable reviews and visit our services pages for further information. Thanks for staying with SKYREX!

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Charles Sample
Charles Sample
I very much appreciate this service. And although I am usually completely satisfied, SKYREX should be rated a 6. Fantastic! Professional and friendly. The cleaners' work was very thorough. And is thoughtful.
Cleaner did a great job
Francois Hughes
Francois Hughes
I'm so happy with SKYREX ! We had a really bad experience with another cleaning company but SKYREX didn't disappoint. All the amazing little details like our toilet paper folded made all the difference. They even made our bed! Never going anywhere else!
David Rizzo
David Rizzo
SKYREX cleaners are fantastic. They do a great job!
Luca Simard
Luca Simard
SKYREX came in and saved the day. They were on time and fully equipped for the job. Afterwards the cleaning quality was top level. We are so completely satisfied
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Taylor
I was so pleased with their service that I have decided to give up cleaning myself all together - and bring them in every 2 weeks! I am looking forward to having them continue to come on a regular basis so that I can focus on my kid and getting through my pregnancy!
Cabel Thomas
Cabel Thomas
We hired SKYREX for the first time to do a deep cleaning and they did a fantastic job! My house has never been so clean. We are going to use them monthly. Highly recommend them.
Diane Evans
Diane Evans
We were hesitant on hiring a cleaning service as my wife and I do all the cleaning ourselves, however hiring SKYREX to do a move in clean was the best decision we made! We were so impressed that we recommended them to all of our family and friends! :)
Lawrence Perkins
Lawrence Perkins
Really happy with the service provided! They made it really easy to request a quote, and they were available to clean our office carpets on short notice. Stains that had been there from years of being a pet-friendly office, as well as regular spills and stains are nowhere to be found! Would definitely call them again :)
Derek Lowis
Derek Lowis
Rebeca and Oliver are very nice people. They pay attention to detail and do a fine job. We will do business with them again.THANKS.