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Monthly or yearly, no one knows and can clean your home or business gutter better than SKYREX professional cleaners. If you are searching for a gutter cleaning service in Kitchener, we are here to help you with our several years of proven experience, skilled cleaners, and high-tech tools. 

Debris can grow over time in your gutters if your house is surrounded by lots of trees. When gutters get blocked and overflow, damp-related damage builds up through the walls, but we can clear your gutters and inspect for any damage. 

SKYREX provides a professional gutter cleaning service to help get your gutters clear. To find out more about the SKYREX gutter clearance service, get in touch with us.

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

  • It prevents water damage from occurring to your building. 

  • It helps to eliminate the nesting place of pests because they can damage your building. 

  • Proper cleaning increases your safety and comfort.

  • Shields your home against roof leakage

  • It enhances the beauty and value of your home and the lifespan of gutters.

Why Take SKYREX Gutter Cleaning Service?

We are a leading gutter maintenance specialist in Kitchener for industry and residential properties and expect to save our clients a substantial amount of time and money. Our cleaners can expertly repair, replace, and remove all unwanted dirt and debris from your gutters and then flush downpipes. 

SKYREX team provides the best quality gutter cleaning and maintenance service at an affordable price. Our experts flush through all gutters using the appropriate jet head. 

We use the industrial vacuum cleaner to remove stubborn specks of dirt and clear massive blockages. For deep cleaning, we scrub with a mechanical brush, wash with steam cleaners, and at the last finishing, we polish by hand to remove moss, black marks, and algae. If required, our expert will repair the gutter seams or reattach your gutters or downspouts. 

Our cleaning experts use industrial-strength or truck-mounted vacuum cleaners attached with gutter-sized or strong power washers to blast clogs out.

Gutters protect your home’s integrity, and most homeowners do not maintain their drains as required because of their tight schedules. As a result, trash like leaves, twigs, and other particulates keep growing in their gutters. Clogged gutters can damage your roof, foundations, fascia boards, and basement flooding.

If it is hard to remember when was the last time you channels get a professional deep pristine, then you need to start cleaning them as soon as possible.

Let SKYREX experienced cleaners clean your dirty and jammed gutters at a fair price rate without damaging your valuable property, and give you 100% guarantee. 

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These guys are just fantastic, and they offer awesome service. Their gutter cleaning service is quite reasonable, and I highly recommend the company. The cleaners are well-mannered. I was impressed they showed me before and after cleaning photos. 

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After moving to Kitchener, my neighbor suggested to me the SKYREX name. They are very professional, and the service is also inexpensive. You guys did an amazing job.

Customer Review


Trustworthy, professional, and reasonable. I took SKYREX gutter cleaning service 3 times. My husband trusts no one except this company. Good job, and I recommend this company name if anyone needs to clean their gutter.

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