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Tile and floor cleaning service

The first thing I like about the company is they do not use any harsh chemicals to clean my marble floor. The cleaners took great care of my floor. Recommend them to everyone.

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My family is a regular customer of SKYREX company. Best-quality and professional cleaning service. Budget-friendly. Before cleaning, they cleared all our queries and showed us before and after floor cleaning photos. I highly recommend the company.

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My mom trusts no one expects SKYREX for floor cleaning. They work for us both our office and home. Experienced team, offers reasonable packages, and polite. Then you SKYREX. Highly recommend.

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If you are looking for any hard and professional floor cleaning services in Kitchener for your home or business purpose, SKYREX experienced cleaners can help you. We can 100% deliver our clients an expert floor deep cleaning service which is suitable for all types of footings. We can help you enhance your prestige and promise to keep critical surfaces in optimum condition. 

Most importantly, our expertise is specialist in maintaining your floors and reducing the risk of slips and costly wear and tear. Our expert cleaning team members avoid using harmful cleaning solutions during cleaning, so we always use only the best and most effective floor cleaning chemicals. We can apply our cleaning solutions in all environments, such as food factories, restaurants, and public areas.

Our SKYREX floor cleaning service is ideal for all types of floors like tiles, stone, wood, vinyl, concrete, laminates, anti-slip coatings, and our cleaners can handle each type with care and professionalism. 

SKYREX all floor cleaning technicians are fully trained, experienced, and the best at working in live environments. They are qualified to follow specific application protocols to ensure that our clients get the best results every time after cleaning. Our expert will work at times that best suit your requirements.

Floor Deep Cleaning – The Benefits

  • Improved safety.
  • Reduced legal claims. 
  • Lower insurance costs.
  • Improved your home or business reputation.
  • Reduced your extra maintenance and replacement costs.


For floor deep cleaning we try our best to use the safest and most effective system which is suitable for all types of floors including ceramic tiles, stone, and materials used in branded floor products.

Our safe floor deep cleaning service will help to remove:

  • Ingrained soiling
  • Soap residues
  • Grease residues
  • Grout residues
  • Cement films
  • Efflorescence
  • Rust
  • Chalk deposits


We feel proud to mention that we have a wide range of customers who rely on our floor cleaning services. We can provide our floor cleaning services for your home or business organization and benefit from our long-term advantages of keeping your floors in the best possible condition.

At SKYREX we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff team who specializes in-floor cleaning with several years of experience.

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No matter what your business, SKYREX is on hand and expert to deep clean any type of floor swiftly. Contact us online or e-mail us today if you have any queries about our floor cleaning services.

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