Cleaning your carpet is something that many people find bothersome. Sometimes even if you love your carpet it can be hard.

The true meaning of carpet cleaning is:

Carpet cleaning is a process where removing stains, dirt, and allergens from carpets is the main motive and makes it less aging. By doing some procedures such as hot water extraction, dry-cleaning, and vacuuming, we can enhance the lifespan of the carpet .

SKYREX in Brampton can offer you a variety of services when it comes to cleaning your carpet. We offer reliable carpet cleaning services in Brampton that are actually helpful. We also provide carpet cleaning for apartments and offices.

Here are a few ways in which you can easily view our carpet cleaning agenda:

How do Dirty Carpets Affect You?

  • Respiratory Issues- Mold, pet hair, old skin, dust, and dirt can get inside your body and cause respiratory issues.
  • Allergies- Dust mist can inflame your lungs can cause red eyes, runny nose, and trigger an allergy attack.
  • Skin Irritation- Itchy skin, rashes, athlete’s foot, and eczema are common problems.
    Weakened immune systems and stomach illness are other issues.

Why Do You Need Carpet Cleaning Service?

There are several reasons:

  • It extends the life of your carpet
  • Removes all carpet stains
  • It will help to maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • Can provide an overall clean feel of a home
  • Removes odors and mustiness
  • It is helpful and efficient than a DIY carpet clean
  • It gives warranty validation.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • Dry Soil Extraction

Well, the first thing we should do is get rid of other excess dirt. It will help to get all the distractions out of the way. It will also prevent any future stains and bacteria from spreading. This step also includes cleaning the trash can and other non-permanent furniture. After that, we can continue to the second stage.

  • Spraying Solution

Next, after we have emptied the area, we spray it with a pH-balanced cleansing solution. We spray it in every nook and cranny with it to improve your carpet. Our company makes sure to channel all of our diligent workforce to acquire the highest form of customer satisfaction.

  • Brushing

After we sprayed down the whole expanse with the cleansing fluid, we used a sturdy brush to agitate the fluid. This fluid will work to weaken the dust and grime on the carpet fluids. Brush will also help to take out the excess dirt. After that, the rest will be taken out on the latter stage.

  • Vacuuming

We use our specialized devices at this point to retain your carpet and ensure that all that dirt and grime is in your carpet. After that, we vacuum it thoroughly.

What Are Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods?

A professional carpet cleaner has two advantages over a homeowner looking to have their carpets cleaned: greater experience and more modern equipment. Professionals know how to deal with special situations such as water damage, stubborn stains, and fabrics that require delicate maintenance. Access to tools that you cannot rent at your local hardware store. This includes UV lamps for detecting animal stains, but more importantly, the expensive equipment required for hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.

Is It Better To Buy A Carpet Cleaner or Hire Someone?

There are do-it-yourself methods and a variety of professional carpet cleaning service systems. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to ensure that the job is done with the best cleaning equipment and solutions by enlisting the help of professionals in Brampton. They are also adept at repairing, which means you may be able to mend breaks or small cracks at the same time.

How Often Carpets Should Be Cleaned?

Whether you’ve got wall-to-wall carpeting or place rugs, vacuuming as a minimum as soon as according to week is a must—greater regularly when you have pets or kids. Spills and stains ought to be handled as quickly as possible. Consider hiring an expert carpet cleaning corporation or doing a deeper clean yourself a minimum of two times each year.

What is Included in Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaners use a mix of simple solutions, effective scrubbing brushes, and vacuum suction devices. Carpet cleaners mainly help to inject a combination of cleaning solution and water deep into the carpet fibers. The brushes shake, scrub, and dust, and/or the stain is effectively vacuumed up.

Types of Carpet Cleaners Professionals Use:

The carpet cleaning professionals in Brampton mostly use specialized equipment to take care of this stuff. They know what it would take to get the best outcome. This makes them much more susceptible to making the correct decisions. They are working as hard as they can to ensure the best for your carpets.

Cost to Clean a Carpet in One Room:

The average price range for this sort of activity is 30 to 55 dollars. But the highest might be 70 dollars.

 Shoes, spills, and pets are among the heavy abuses that carpets endure. But it provides such warm temperature and luxury underfoot that we’re inclined to position it withinside the attempt to preserve it clean. To increase the existence of any carpet, wall-to-wall, and rugs should need to do some frequent vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning. 

This is why here at SKYREX we offer you only the finest of the services that your beloved carpet deserves and that too at an affordable carpet cleaning price. We are working day and night to ensure all that. We provide services to entire Brampton and many places. So be sure to ring us up whenever you need.


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Charles Sample
Charles Sample
I very much appreciate this service. And although I am usually completely satisfied, SKYREX should be rated a 6. Fantastic! Professional and friendly. The cleaners' work was very thorough. And is thoughtful.
Cleaner did a great job
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Francois Hughes
I'm so happy with SKYREX ! We had a really bad experience with another cleaning company but SKYREX didn't disappoint. All the amazing little details like our toilet paper folded made all the difference. They even made our bed! Never going anywhere else!
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David Rizzo
SKYREX cleaners are fantastic. They do a great job!
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Luca Simard
SKYREX came in and saved the day. They were on time and fully equipped for the job. Afterwards the cleaning quality was top level. We are so completely satisfied
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Cecil Taylor
I was so pleased with their service that I have decided to give up cleaning myself all together - and bring them in every 2 weeks! I am looking forward to having them continue to come on a regular basis so that I can focus on my kid and getting through my pregnancy!
Cabel Thomas
Cabel Thomas
We hired SKYREX for the first time to do a deep cleaning and they did a fantastic job! My house has never been so clean. We are going to use them monthly. Highly recommend them.
Diane Evans
Diane Evans
We were hesitant on hiring a cleaning service as my wife and I do all the cleaning ourselves, however hiring SKYREX to do a move in clean was the best decision we made! We were so impressed that we recommended them to all of our family and friends! :)
Lawrence Perkins
Lawrence Perkins
Really happy with the service provided! They made it really easy to request a quote, and they were available to clean our office carpets on short notice. Stains that had been there from years of being a pet-friendly office, as well as regular spills and stains are nowhere to be found! Would definitely call them again :)
Derek Lowis
Derek Lowis
Rebeca and Oliver are very nice people. They pay attention to detail and do a fine job. We will do business with them again.THANKS.